Turn of the Sentry

Automated Domestic Defense Drone 209

Fear and sensationalism are rampant in our media today. As problems arise in social and political atmospheres, solutions are spun to benefit political parties or corporate endeavors. Turn of the Sentry is one such solution taken to its furthest extremes. Gun control is a topic that is brought up with every horrific shooting that occurs. Pundits clamor for gun control, while others demand more guns in the hands of teachers and everyday citizens, suggestions of armed veterans or police at school entrances litter the airwaves and all the while who actually benefits?


The installation is meant to take the current push for automation, as well as play upon the fears from current events in the need for more security. The Sentry gun gives a false sense of security as the person wearing the badge will have to face the weapon at all times in order to be read by the computer.


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