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                                                             Rising costs, rising rates of uninsured, and reduced access to care all demonstrate that

                                                             the current health care system does not work. The cost of prescriptions alone make a

                                                             person pray they win the lottery and with the upcoming “reform,” what options does a

                                                             person have? Enter RxWater™, the new and most cost effective method of preventative

                                                             health care.


Recent research has found that many of the pharmaceuticals used today are found in our

drinking water and current filtration systems are unable to extract them. Seeing a new

untapped resource and an opportunity to help clean up the environment, we at RxWater™

have taken recycling to a new level.


                                                             Taking the drinking water from various cities, we now bring you the pharmaceutical

                                                             advantages the residents of Las Vegas, San Francisco and Ohio enjoy. But these three

                                                             areas are not our only resource. We have recently found new sources from Arizona to

                                                             Texas! New Flavors to come!


Feeling a little stressed? Can’t afford health insurance? Put your mind at ease with this our low

budget health care option! Grab an RxWater Serenity™! Don’t have the money for birth control? Drink

some RxWater Regulator™! Afraid of catching the Swine flu? Stock up on RxWater Bodyguard™!


Think outside the prescription bottle, use and reuse!



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