Reclaim Your Manhood


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                                                    Machismo is defined as a strong or exaggerated sense of manliness; an assumptive attitude

                                                    that it is virility, courage and strength that give an entitlement to dominate; an exaggerated

                                                    masculine pride. In today’s society it is viewed as a negative trait. Yet Machismo is deeply

                                                    rooted in Latino culture and this definition tends to give a negative connotation toward Latinos.

                                                    Taking cues from our current mass media/consumerist driven culture and its tendency to spin

                                                    and redefine terms when the definition has an undesirable effect, it is the intention of this work

                                                    to change the definition of Machismo.



                                                    Machismos' logo shows the embodiment of Latino Masculinity. Almost all Latino children can

                                                    associate with the luchadores, guns and mustaches and their attachment to manhood while

                                                    the pieces themselves give off a sense of nostalgia. However the toys inside have been candy

                                                    coated in a number of colors, many not associated with boys or men. Luchadores are coated

                                                    in pink and light blue flocking making them look as if they are made of cotton candy, the guns

                                                    and mustaches are bright red, green and purple, resembling hard candies. All of this is done to

                                                    show the influences we have on our children and how we define things will carry over

                                                    throughout our childhood and into adulthood. I challenge the definition of manhood through

                                                    these symbols and how they are now represented.


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