Juegos Fronteras


Securing Our Future


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Juegos Fronteras shows metaphorical restrictions placed upon our future and youth by the placement of borders in an area dependent on the free flow of Cultures. By restricting the flow in favor of safety and security the playground is rendered useless for those outside and cripples the ability of those inside to truly experience the freedom and joys the grounds encourage.


This installation was conceptualized by the current issues on immigration in Southwest, as well as the rest of the nation. I am originally from the border town of El Paso, TX and grew up in an area dependent on blending of the two border cities. When I was young, my brothers and I would play out in the Mesa’s south of Sunland Park, NM. There was a shaded little canyon there that we called our playground. A couple of years ago, I returned to the spot to reminisce and discovered that the area was now split in half by the border wall. Our playground was now closed off and future generations would never enjoy the area as we did. My childhood playground was now a metaphor of the border issues in our country. These issues involving immigration, the fence and SB 1070 as well as growing up along the border have influenced this installation greatly.


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