It Came from Beyond the Border 2: Cowboys and Aliens

The Planet Atzlan has been seized and colonized. Its people have been subjugated, their culture usurped and sanitized, the unwilling forced out. But La Mother ship has appeared, the PanDulciens have arrived. Is there more to this story than a 2-dimensional good versus evil? Can one look past their own preconceptions? Witness the continuing story of…It Came From Beyond the Border2: Cowboys and Aliens!!!


Exploring the dehumanization of people and the sanitized, palatable aspects of culture, Cabrales makes commentary on the unfound fears playing a part in our current political climate through a satirical installation in a B-movie, Mexpliotation, Tequila Sci Fi format. Creating a world and visual narrative of the colonized planet, Atzlan, and the plight of its native life, the PanDulciens.




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