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                                        Industries throughout the world, both domestically and internationally, are encountering an intensifying

                                        set of risks. Global terrorism, sophisticated criminal enterprises, political turmoil and unethical

                                        competitive practices present overwhelming challenges to companies operating in all areas of the

                                        global marketplace. Parents who have a comprehensive understanding of the threats facing these

                                        companies efforts, combined with a flexible strategy for overcoming these obstacles, will give their

                                        children a much greater chance of success in their endeavors.


                                        BlackWater Junior Corps, an international business risk consultancy children’s

                                        camp, is a privately owned business that provides objective risk management

                                        and security consulting training of the highest quality and within an ethical

                                        framework. Children will learn to assist future clients to operate more profitably

                                        and in more markets than their competition as a result of their expert advice,

allowing these profits to “trickle down” into their own pockets.


BW Junior Corps provides our youth the unique offering of expansive understanding of business practices

combined with extensive experience managing all aspects of external risk. Through our specialized range

of services, we offer youngsters the ability to identify and understand the obstacles in the marketplace,

formulate measures to evade or mitigate these threats, and proactively manage the process to ensure the

greatest chance of business success and profit. Our integrated and holistic approach is enhanced by our

commitment to improving our children’s financial security. Sign your child up today! Give them the future they deserve!


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